What is Life?

Life is probably a time and space continuum keeping death on hold till time runs out or there is no space left… Morbid thought but then we all love morbid… From the time we become aware of the world, we also become aware of everything that might hurt us or make us very dead.

Ayushman bhava is a blessing that is given by the elders and it is not so much about life but about delaying the eventual death.

We have made it our life’s mission to find ways to live longer… good health, keeping fit… living stress free… yoga… meditation… they all are about delaying the inevitable… I don’t know how many would agree but we spend all our lives worrying about death and finding ways to avoid it. Forgetting the fact that there is a reason we have been given life.

And life becomes one long chain of acquisitions… Acquisitions which supposedly give meaning to life… relationships, products and all things materialistic…

We work hard… very hard on getting accepted in the society we are part of… The society which was not our choice but we were born into it… And having been presented with the fait accompli… we strive to fit in… and fit in we have to because that is the given mandate.

And trappings of this so called successful life get defined by the brand surround… The products that we surround ourselves with… Our self worth is not defined by who we are… but the brands that we possess…

Think about it… a mobile phone is a mobile phone is a mobile phone… so why do we have a 700 rupees phone and 30,000 rupees phone?

Why there is a million dollar car and there is also a ten thousand dollar car?

Why are we considered successful when we live in a penthouse and have fair amount of money in the bank?

We have achieved the so called role of the provider (as defined by the society) when our children are studying in the best schools and have everything that they want (they are also learning to be like us)…

And this whole baggage of expectations that is loaded on us by the society is exploited by brands 24X7 and pandering to every wish of ours and also creating desire (and in many cases pushing down the thought of we have not done enough for our lives or our families if we don’t own them) for themselves… It becomes one long cycle which essentially means we never have enough… we want more and more and more…

All products have well defined territories that they operate in to keep reminding us of the supposed reason for our existence… The definition of necessity keeps getting redefined… and these products mark each of our upward(?) shift in life stages…

And this race to own… to acquire… to belong is taking its toll on our life… what we wanted to delay is approaching and yet we are caught up in what we think is life…

The whole life has passed and we are left wondering… What is life? The realization dawns too late for all of us that there was so much to life beyond all the material trappings and yet we spent all our life in pursuit of them when we could have made our existence more meaningful for ourselves… Meaning that came without the encumberance of the what was considered right by the society laws…

Do we ever stop to think what we really think life is? And no it is not what the so called gurus tell you (they are also part of the society)… what really is that one thing that defines life? What is life??

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