What have you done for me lately? Part 2

AIRCEL So much for “happy to help” and various connect or network campaigns by service providers! A smart and actually useful idea which worked when it was needed by Aircel. It must have done their image a world of good and created positive awareness that Dhoni campaign possibly would have not.

I have always been mentioning in my posts that it is not enough just to ‘advertise” which essentially is one way communication. And specially when the category is cluttered with fair amount of heat, it is very important to be innovative. And no innovation does not mean those lil figures running around in communication… what were they called?? Zoo Zoos I think. Or “what an idea Sirji” which stays only in the realms of advertising and never goes beyond.

The people in the picture, for them Aircel has provided a connect with the real world. Helped them overcome a situation and more importantly started a dialogue. I wonder how many of those people would be planning to change over to Aircel now.

And I surely hope that Aircel contemplates what this innovation has done for them and create more such dialogues. Because at the end of the day, talk time and plans have become commodities and brand loyalty in pre-paid world doesn’t last very long… but powerful brand associations would go a long way. Associations that are meaningful and not advertising speak.

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