So What List Would You Want To Be On?

The question would probably sound rhetorical once you read through the whole post.

I don’t know about others but I always have couple of lists in my mind… One is short and the other runs into couple of mental pages… And these lists are not about things to do or grocery list.

One list I call “payback list”… and am sure all appearing on that list wont be flattered… This list has all the people, products and brands that I want to get back at… Right now it is growing by the day (the world is against me syndrome) Banking services figure high on the list… except for HDFC who I believe is the only brand which lives up to what it promises as a brand. It is of course my personal experience but I believe that it would be the case with many who have interacted with HDFC… polite, caring and ready to help… But I am digressing…

Wonder what shrinks would make of this but this payback list always is on the left when I check it in my mind… The good one is always on the right…

These lists happen with everyone… Experiences help in building this list… And while first impressions count, they also color all subsequent interactions… And they tend to pile up the negatives against person, product, brand and organization.

And with information explosion… knowledge is making it easier than before to differentiate and mentally put someone or something on one list or the other… When choices proliferate, so does selection.

While the world would tell you otherwise, it is not enough to “communicate brand promise” or have an SEO strategy and be expert at Google Ad words… Need to spend more time on figuring out what list are you on. If it is left, you might as well give up on that person and move on. But if you are on the right… do more…

There is no such thing as “new consumer” anymore. Most first timers into a category know enough about the category and the brands that operate over there. In this day and age, communication is about retention… not just in terms of usage but about mindset…

And you can move from one list to another… all it requires is a huge effort or a big social event (good or bad)…

Take Michael Jackson the brand – 80’s and 90’s the brand was huge… nothing could go wrong. But then the brand took a hit… few actions made the social relevance dip… and made it move from right to left with news hungry media and we were lapping up everything that media was dishing out… the death and it has swung again back to right and would now remain there. Because media and people have realized that being associated with the brand is going to give returns (cyncial view but I bet there would be many right now who were part of the inner circle who would be wondering how to monetize the association). Look at me… in my own sneaky way, I am using MJ as an example… knowing the currency would get me hits on the post and many have done it before me… The crash of Twitter or Google was great news for Twitter and Google… more for Twitter… showing the kind of traffic Twitter gets… Definitely going to stay on the ‘right’ list for a while…

But as a person, brand or organization… won’t you want to be on the right side from day one and continue to stay there? It would require an understanding… and investment in that understanding to ensure that…


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