Where is the ‘care’ in Healthcare?

This is a very cynical view of healthcare.

Does healthcare really care about the people suffering from various illnesses?

The most altruistic business in the world is actually as profit driven as any other business… as sales driven as FMCG product.

I think the problem is that all players in this sector have been caught up by the word ‘business’.

Saw an ad for a Clinical Research Training Institute the other day which talked about “Recession proof careers”. It’s a fact alright… but a rather scary fact. Healthcare actually is recession proof… No matter what, people would have ailments… people would need to visit the doctors… people would need medicine. There is really no way out. Its a business that would never go out of fashion.

How many take up the profession of being a healer because it is about alleviating the suffering of mankind?

A pharmaceutical company… will it ever want a person to get cured completely? A cured person is a customer lost. A cured customer is a patient lost for the doctor or hospital…

We get a cold or a cough… we take medicine and it goes away… only to return at a later date. Now why cant there be a medicine which kills it completely??

Why are chronic ailments chronic?? Why after so many years we are still struggling with managing them?

Why everyone in healthcare focuses on “curing”? Why is prevention not a bigger industry than disease management?

Why are doctors pampered so much by the pharmaceutical companies?

Has Hippocrates oath lost it’s meaning?

How easy is it to claim healthcare insurance in the eventuality of claiming it?

All constituents in this space play on the fear factor of the individual without realizing that any visit for any kind of ailment actually comes with a whole lot of cynicism (the cost that would be incurred by paying to every link in the chain)

I truly believe that the day healthcare starts focusing on prevention rather than cure, is the day when the business of healthcare would be profitable and lot more fulfilling for  all concerned.

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