Target Audience a mystery for this Audi Ad

Audi full ad Pune TOI The copy of the ad:

“It’s what happens once the deal is inked, the board meetings are over, the sales team applauded, the client content, the appraisals completed, the boss gently reminded of increments, the tax returns filed, the colleagues treated, the homework completed, the wife dropped, the gym membership renewed and the new phone bought. Your time. The Audi Q5.”

All that done and left wondering the reason for this ad. More importantly who is the target audience…

The lowest price Audi in India is for 29 lacs Ex showroom Mumbai. Q7 is for 52 lacs. I assume Q5 could be either somewhere in between or higher!

With these facts, go through the copy of the ad again and go figure!

Even more amazing is a small write up about Audi cars on which reads something like this:

Audi cars are starting to fire the fancy of the rich Indian consumer and the upper middle class with their current range of  Audi A4,  Audi A6,  Audi A8 and Audi Q7 sedan cars…

Audi A4, by the way, is the lowest price at 29 lacs (source

Now looking at the first line of copy and the first few words of the write up, I can understand that Audi is for the rich… The Stratospheric People (SP as defined in my earlier post “Recession Proof People”)… but upper middle class??

I have downgraded myself below the poverty line (BPL). I used to think I belonged to the upper middle class and had all the worries about appraisals and reminder to boss for increment or kid’s homework or renewing gym membership… Obviously I have been barking up the wrong tree because the client and the agency obviously believe that the upper middle class can afford even a Q5… forget A4!

I would so love to know the brief that went out from the client to the agency… and the creative brief from strategy planner (would love to actually meet him/her… for the insight) to the creative which translated into this ad.

Few days back Seth Godin had written a post about luxury and premium products and how many brands are confused about which segment they are addressing… and this ad is a classic example.

I believe an Audi buyer would not need to be told the occasion for buying the car… or the cues in the communication about his status in life… He probably has an Audi, a BMW and other such brands already in his consideration set. He surely wont be worrying about the increment… His worry probably would be how to get this purchase not noticed by the Income Tax people…

More importantly, he is not going to read this full page ad and reach for his Blackberry or iPhone either… I believe that communication channels would have to be very different for this person. All the stuff that I had learnt in my earlier days in advertising about media spillover and CPT… I surely must have dozed off when the part about luxury products advertising in Mass Media was discussed.

I am probably being harsh and am sure there must have been an objective behind this communication (all communication has an objective … right?) but I am not able to sense it…. though given the 2/3 of the copy, I am the target audience.. or maybe not… I forgot I am a BPL person…

2 thoughts on “Target Audience a mystery for this Audi Ad

  1. Audi cars are starting to fire the fancy of the rich Indian consumer and the upper middle class with their current range of Audi A4, Audi A6, Audi A8 and Audi Q7 sedan cars

    This para is for every car lover who loves audi most

    1. I love Audi too… its been my fantasy car since 1985 when I saw the Indian team piling on to the Audi Ravi Shastri won in Australia! but I don’t think I can ever own it… surely not in this life time and thats the point of my post… very few can and which is why I wonder why that particular ad in the newspaper.

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