The world is racist… we are holier than thou

Before carrying on with the post.. a disclaimer – I do not condone all the on going attacks in Australia or the fiasco at the French airport or any racial attacks in US or UK or anywhere else against Indians or any nationality. 

I do not condone discrimination basis skin color and what is happening in Australia should be condemned in strongest voice. The authorities should have taken swift action and also shown restraint towards controlling the protests.

The images coming on TV from Australia… chilled my bones… we are “human” beings but what I saw was anything but human. And this is supposed to be a progressive world.

I support the parents of all the students who have suffered and wish for the speedy recovery of the ones who have been injured.

The scary thing is that this happens everywhere… not specifically to Indians but racism exists in some form all over the world. Took America so long to get a President who is not white. South Africa is going through its own transformation… Europe is the same..

Which made me ponder…

Signboard outside few up market housing complexes – “Foreigners and students are not allowed to rent apartments here”.

Foreigners being african or middle east origin!

These signs are not in any so called white countries but right here in India. Unbelievable huh?

The media goes up in arms about the incidents in Australia. They talk about discrimination shown by Air France… the net buzzes with people commenting but I believe we are the most racist and intolerent society in the world.

And if you dont believe me, step into any of the hotels and watch the staff fawning over guests whose skins are white while they neglect people from their own country.

Racism is not discrimination purely on the basis of skin color… it is discrimination of any kind based on color, caste, gender or origin and we Indians indulge in it big time… sometimes blatant or sometimes under the garb of uplifting the so called downtrodden of the society.

And politicians in this country have always used this racism for their own advantage.

They don’t want north indians to be in Mumbai.

There are reserved constituencies for “backward classes”.

Congress and parties like SP are supposed to be protecting the interests of Muslims in the name of secularism.

BJP discriminates against the Muslims under the pretext of saving Hindutva.

Fair & Lovely is such a huge brand for Unilever because we Indians like fair skin.

There are temples where “backward classes or women” cannot enter. Or for that matter people of different religion.

If people convert to a different religion, they are brutally murdered.

We look down about people who can’t communicate in English.

The huge North – South divide and the names we have reserved for people from specific regions.

Under the pretext of “unity in diversity” we have so many official languages and there is anything but unity in this country… We are regional chauvinists… Try speaking in Hindi in Chennai! or any south indian language in the north.

We kill over temples, mosques and churches… merciless killing. With so many Goddess that we worship, we still treat women in the manner that we do.

Travel to Agra and watch the locals ogling at the people of white origin. The commercial featuring Aamir Khan about Indian tourism is so true.

I could go on and on… But nope… all this cant be true… After all we are such a tolerent society. Society which goes into a tizzy when sporadic incidents happen involving Indians…

More and more we are witnessing discrimination right here in our country but we have the gall to point fingers at other countries.

And talking about the passengers of Air France being discriminated… I have travelled abroad often and have never seen one Indian smile at another Indian or talk to them at the airports… they are very happy to strike a conversation with whites but nose in the air when it comes to people from your own country.

I believe that discrimination happens when we or anyone else is in another country, we dont become part of that society. We wear our values and our indianness on our sleeves. We live in US, get the green card and yet live in very close communities and think that the outside culture will corrupt us! If we are so worried, why leave the country at all? And the way we behave when we travel abroad… the less said the better

And Mr Bachchan, very nice of you to have rejected the award from Australia… now can we see you delineating yourself from the people who pander to narrow caste and religion politics too?

I believe that I am a global citizen… ready to accept everything that makes my life better and makes me a better person… nothing else should matter… no color.. no caste… no religion…

I am a free citizen of the world and free to live my life… on my own terms.

4 thoughts on “The world is racist… we are holier than thou

    1. Hi,
      The old cliche “no smoke without fire” holds true… Its not that every attack had racial overtones… but I surely believe that the images I saw on TV of police dragging away people who were protesting… not something I would want to see. And also we would love deny racism does not exist but it does… in every country… some form or the other

  1. Samir,
    I like and agree with your views. Its important to clean our own house first. Education may teach you math, science and languages and can make you succesful and rich! but only social etiquettes and sensibilities would make you a better human being. And these can not be taught and forgotten. Parents need to watch what they say and how they react in front of their children. Teachers, guides, mentors, leaders, politicians, celelbrities …everyone who can impact a gullible mind need to be aware that they could be victims of their own biases.
    I have always wondered why is there so much hatred amongst people? fails me.

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