Can the Congress provide the stablity this country so needs?

I, like everyone else in this country is hoping they can! for the sake of the country and its people. I think the mandate they have got… people are telling them “we give you the power to change the future of this country… we are ensuring that you dont have to be with opportunistic and myopic partners. the ball is now in your court”

The stock market is rocking today though its not an indication of anything. One sneeze and it would go into downward spiral.

But people are brimming with hope. All the people who have lost jobs and not finding any… they are hoping that economy gets into the F1 mode. 

People want to feel secure again… they dont want to worry about a bleak future…

I will not talk about corporates because they would still peddle excuses for non-performance and dumping their most valuble assets.

This mandate for congress is not for anything great they did for last 5 years… they did not do anything worthwhile.. being shackled by their partners in UPA.

But now… for next five years… there will be no excuses… the country has given them the power.

The country wants results NOW… not as achievements 5 years from now or 3 years or even one year… Here and now is what the country wants.

Mr Manmohan Singh… you have a huge responsibility… are you up to it?  You owe it to the nation.

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