Tata Nano – Whose dream car is it? – Part 2

So the numbers are out and they are not surprising. But still 200,000 cars booked is not bad at all. Though I just wonder… How many would actually take the deliveries when the time comes.

Hints of economy getting back on track and if it does get back on track, the aspirations of people would change (not that they are any different right now)

A car still, to many, is not a vehicle to commute from point A to point B. It signifies a shift in life stage (even for households where a small car is second or third car). And buying a car which is a taxi… not exactly a status elevator. And Nano is bound to transform the local cab commuting for sure. While the marketing team might disagree but when the production line is fully functional, the market reality would move the segment.

I do believe that the positioning shift definitely would be required and needs to happen before its too late. 200,000 is not a reflection of a need or a desire… Its the initial euphoria.

And I need to mention here.. its a great achievement to manufacture a car at this pricing… What it actually does is that it makes the consumers upstream question other manufacturers about the extra value that they are providing for the price tags.


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