A Tribute to Mr Feroz Khan

People who are as old as I am, would remember all the movies that I mention and the young generation who wonders what am I talking about… watch these movies!

My first experience of Feroz Khan was me holding on to the head rest of the seat in front and watching the F1 unfold on a large screen in Apradh.

Dharmatma which I watched before Godfather.  While Premnath was no Marlon Brando, he was good!

Qurbani which opened my eyes to the female form (ehem!) and I got to see the foreign locales like never before.

I watched Khote Sikke much before I saw Clint Eastwood and all the other westerns or read any Louis L’Amour

The seduction of Jaanbaaz… let me not say anything about that lest this blog gets censored

And his last(?)movie Welcome… Loved him as the eccentric Don. Not many would agree, but every scene that had him in it… was a treat.

Mr Khan was a man way ahead of his times. Having watched his movies when I was very young (some of his movies, I should not have even be allowed into the theatre), when I look back, I realise that those movies were an icon for a generation of young Indians who used to enjoy absolute thrills and the spills (not tea spilling out but lots more). The action used to be breathtaking. The number of times I almost hit the person in front sit with my dishum dishum!

Surprisingly from that period, the only other movies I remember are Zanjeer, Deewar and Sholay.

Reading about Mr Khan in today’s paper brought back the memories of those days and all his movies.

He had a certain style and production values. Afghanistan looked lot more beautiful than in the movie with John Abraham and Arshad Warsi (can’t remember the name of the film)

He always had certain panache about him and while all heroes during that time were soft and soppy, he brought about the macho appeal.

Looking back, I believe Mr Khan was the epitome of what Nike advertising is… Just do it. While the so called art films tried hard to be different from mainstream cinema, Mr Khan stayed within the framework and yet was different. Different in everything. Storyline, the way films were shot, the music… (All movies had hit soundtracks). His movies used to fill up the screen with breathtaking visuals and the sound stayed with you long after the movie was gone…

Thank you Mr Khan, you sure had made the little boy have a good time at the movies.

3 thoughts on “A Tribute to Mr Feroz Khan

  1. Add me to the list of Feroz Khan fan club. He minced no words, his sex appeal and attitude was in your face. He was what he looked like. Confrontational and hence scary for the hyprocrates. I love this man.

  2. The first movie that I saw of FK was Qurbani. And I was immediately bowled over. In later years I saw his gems like Safar and Aarzoo and was bowled over by the disarming candour of the star. I became his fan immediately after I saw his dashing entry in the song Aap Jaisa Koi. Recently, I watched Dharmatma and fell in love with the man again, and have started watching his other classics for the first time. Going to watch Kala Sona, Khote Sikkay and more soon.

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