Tata Nano – Whose dream car is it?

Read in the paper today that at least in Pune, the bookings for the car have not been as expected. Of course once the data is put together, the company will come out with outstanding figures. And they would be right too. But the question is will the enthusiasm and excitement sustain?

Report said that its the higher end models that are being booked and a fair amount of people have not even gone in for financing. People’s car??

The so called ‘bike people’ it was meant for… they surely are not the buyers. Its the second or third car in the house people who are buying is my guess.

And right now its the buzz that is pulling in consumer. Once, like it happens with all TATA passenger cars, it becomes a great city cab, people it was meant for or the people who are buying right now… they might shy away. Of course TATA’s would still get the huge numbers they wanted (Indigo is I think still leading in the ‘sedan’ category and i see more taxis than actual people driving)

And more importantly, car buying in this country is no more about waiting! The days of license raj when people would wait for months and years to get the vehicle but seriously… would you wait? specially if its going to be your first car?

Nope I think its the dream car  only for TATA’  and not for the consumer it was aimed for… Mummy daddy, rinku & pinku would still be waltzing around town on the bike for sure.

2 thoughts on “Tata Nano – Whose dream car is it?

  1. Hey Samir I think U R right there. It is going to have the same fate as all TATA cars. I have a strong hunch that its going to be the Taxi of mumbai as the old fiats are being phased out. Sure TATA will have their numbers.

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